I was super prepared and super excited to apply to college and so I started thinking about essay topics and brainstorming really early and I think that’s really beneficial but at the same time you know you kind of hit a roadblock at complaint and you feel like there’s just too much out there or I’m giving there’s just too much time where I’m doing too many revisions of the same essay and I don’t know what it sounds like anymore it is really me is this really my voice is this what I really want to say so I think it is important to kind of find a balance between you know giving yourself enough time to think about what you want to say what you want to write about and reflect on that but also realizing and knowing that you are never going to have the perfect essay that you know you are going to submit you are always going to want to change this and change that and be really nitpicky about it at the very end. Discover how to properly revision our essay onĀ Robotdon.com.

But just kind of keeping that in the context as you are going through essay writing for me it would definitely be I hadn’t realized how much it would matter so in my my high school they told us frequently like oh just write something and most people aren’t gonna read it it is just going to be about like your GPA and your test scores and then they’ll decide if you get in or not and then actually working on the admissions side you spend a lot of time on essays I had one colleague who could remember every student based on the SH like oh yeah this is the wolf this is the student who wrote about this right or I mean you can go to a lot of admissions officers and family-like asked what was your favorite I said from last year and they could spout out like a whole list of ones that really like touch them and move them over funny or just interesting or it was the piece that helps add clarification to an essay and so or to an entire application.

And I’ve definitely been the creepy stalker person on like the first day of orientation who goes up to a student in like oh my gosh your essay was just so great yeah so I think that the recognition that it does it is something you add it there because you think it matters and it will have some weight in the process of admissions I think something that I I should have known is how much how many stories there are out there that you can write about and you know with the brainstorming you can definitely get caught up and should I write about this or should I write about this or and you didn’t know that this there were that many stories to even write about and you can’t write about all so my advice would be when you are brainstorming at the beginning to try to really settle on one story and don’t think about trying to change it too much.