I will tell you what to use as emails or not it’s up to you you should understand that it is not allowed you should understand that yourself if your educational establishment reveals the fact then it can punish you and the punishment can be as severe as expelling you from the University yes work college or any establishment you have still everyone knows that students uses them so I want to speak about a little bit about them when he used as emails again it is very important that you understand and you know everything bit have spoken about on this webinar you should know your instructions you should know whether you need sources or not how many sources you need you should understand what what each type of paper is.

So that when you receive your paper you understand if it is ok or not and you should understand what is a thesis statement and what it should look like if you understand what type of paper you need and what type of thesis statement should be you may ask your writer so as you work please give me show me send to me a thesis statement word I’m reading your passion but actually it is not literate in my version it may be something on your side are hopeful the bracket will be okay and you may watch it later so if you understand you see the statement you may ask your writer to send you a thesis statement he has so that you see that he is working in the right direction of course all the companies will say that they have 100% professional essay writing and essay writers and all they are native speakers but believe me it isn’t so I have worked in dirt in these companies are helping greater of writers submitted their essays for students a lot of them on you B’s some give very strong analysis.

But they have problems with language when you know when you understand what you need you will handle it but if you can’t understand yourselves what you need expect and be ready to fail even though you use and expensive as a mail service you can also use quorum to ask questions for example if you don’t know what topic to choose or you don’t know how to work your city statement this is a base where people respond to other people why I use and suggest were actually when I established my project make a stand I googled some students forums and I was amazed that there is no single forum where students would discuss and help each other and actually whereas somehow performs this service I don’t know the reason I don’t think that students are so uninterested in this topic I think it is more about the advertisement software emails because they provide suggests some help and as soon as you start asking for some help they to write it for you and then don’t provide actual response to the crashes.