We`re going to talk about how you want to present yourself and illustrate your experiences so there is a way that it can be done just for those of you who may have written about that or you know we just want to reassure you that you don’t have to go back and like rewriting your essay or anything like that one of the questions that came in was if I’ve already spoken about dance or I’ve already spoken about different things in my extracurricular section can I keep talking about it in my biographical essay and I’ll start this one with saying if you’ve just listed it and said like this is one of my activities and it is such a meaningful activity to you by all means write about it because it shows really where your passions are. Read more about importance of good self-representation at Edusson.

And we really want to see that if you use it in your short answer or if you’ve added an additional information section and you’ve added a long explanation about how you just love dance and dance is your life I wouldn’t repeat that in the biographical essay again if you’ve if you’ve written it quite a bit about it in a different place in your application put something else in so that we can actually learn a little bit more about you just take advantage of all this space though you’re given in the application to share a different side of you if you can okay what tips do have to improve the flow of your essay well I think that one thing that it’s already mentioned was me making sure the connectors between your your paragraphs that there’s just an obvious transition between them and I think you’ll find that when you’re reading out on the house that that makes more sense you I think maybe remembering too if you start with the hook do you kind of close it up at the end and drink from that full circle to show positive growth the end and just kind of see that kind of the way you summarize it and end it to end it positively it’s not really necessarily a flow thing but I think that it will it will create a close to it rather than feeling like it’s kind of left off right and use natural ones yes it’s important yeah.

So this is a question how personal should we be you in writing our essays I understand that the judges would want or the people reading they want to get to know us but is there anything that’s considered too extreme when talking about our lives I think graphic detail about things we probably don’t want to read too much graphic detail if it is too extreme in it is slightly disturbing whatever that you know experience may be but I think the important things that learn is you can say talk about your experience but you want to spin it I know we’ve said the word positive quite a few times here spin it in a positive light you never want to say I’ve had this very extreme thing happened to me and all of this and it’s not positive spin it so that you can show yes it was extreme but I am this person because of it and I’m moving forward and here’s my dream for the next four years or something like that.